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How We Create Confident Smiles

Over the years, teeth can fall victim to stains, chips, cracks, and other aesthetic issues that can really take a toll on your self-image. However, it doesn’t have to stay that way. While we always prioritize your oral health here at RnR Dentistry, Dr. Ramona Rivera, your trusted cosmetic dentist in Fair Oaks, understands the importance of feeling confident in your smile. That’s why she offers multiple cosmetic dentistry options, and she’ll do her utmost to make sure you’re happy with the grin you see in the mirror! Call us today to get started.


Why Choose RnR Dentistry for Cosmetic Dentistry?

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Dental veneers allow you to change virtually anything you don’t like about your teeth, including their color, shape, and size. Once we place these thin porcelain coverings over your teeth, practically all of their aesthetic imperfections disappear behind a pristine smile. In fact, many movie stars have veneers to credit for their flawless pearly whites! We can use veneers to enhance one tooth, your entire smile, or anything in between, and the process only takes two appointments.

Learn More About Veneers

Metal-Free Dental Crowns

Patients of a certain age might cringe when they hear that they need a dental crown; for decades, these restorations were made from dark metals that marred your smile. With modern dental technology, we can provide natural-looking crowns that repair your tooth without tarnishing its appearance. Instead of instantly visible gold, silver, or other metals, we offer metal-free dental crowns crafted from lifelike dental porcelain, EMAX, and zirconia.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Even the smallest blemish in a smile, such as a tiny gap or a slight chip in a tooth, can hinder your confidence. If all you need is a quick fix for a minor yet noticeable imperfection, then cosmetic dental bonding may be perfect for you. We take a putty-like material called composite resin, match it to the exact shade of your tooth, and sculpt it over the offending flaw until it essentially vanishes.

Teeth Whitening

If you’ve ever tried over-the-counter whiteners to clear away the stains on your teeth, you were probably disappointed with the results. That won’t be the case when you visit RnR Dentistry for professional teeth whitening! Our custom-fit trays and ultra-strength bleaching solutions can remove discoloration caused by food and drink, tobacco, and even the natural aging process. You’ll have a dazzlingly, dramatically brighter smile after just two weeks of daily use! We also offer in-office teeth whitening for you to attain the same results after just one appointment. 

Gum Recontouring

Sometimes, the problem with your smile might have nothing to do with your teeth, but rather your gums. Too much gum tissue compared to the teeth can make a grin look unbalanced. Luckily, Dr. Rivera can fix your “gummy smile” with gum recontouring. Using an ultraprecise laser, she can comfortably remove the excess gum tissue to reveal more of your pearly whites, create a more well-proportioned appearance, and give you the confidence to flash your grin again.


Virtual Smile Design

With all of the cosmetic dentistry services we provide, trying to decide which one is right for you can feel overwhelming. Virtual smile design technology makes it so much easier to choose! We can simply take a photo of your smile as it is right now and digitally edit it to reflect how you would look after getting veneers, whitening, gum recontouring, or any of our cosmetic dentistry treatments. That way, you can be certain that you’ll love your results before we even begin!


Understanding the Cost of Cosmetic Dentistry

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Ready to dramatically transform your smile? With cosmetic dentistry in Fair Oaks, you can easily achieve the grin you’ve always wanted. Of course, you likely want to know more about the cost before moving forward with the process. Since cosmetic dentistry isn’t usually covered by dental insurance, you’ll need to find an alternative way to pay for your treatment. Fortunately, our team at RnR Dentistry is prepared to help you navigate the financial aspect of your dental care. To learn more, continue reading or give our office a call today!

What Cosmetic Dental Service Is Right for Me?

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Most people seeking cosmetic dentistry in Fair Oaks are often trying to change their smile in one or more ways. For instance, some want whiter and straighter teeth while others want differently shaped teeth. The good news is that you can make any of these improvements with the following available options:

  • Dental Bonding – If you have minor dental imperfections, we can mask these noticeable flaws with cosmetic dental bonding. It’s an affordable and relatively fast treatment, taking as little as one hour to complete. However, you must keep in mind that your treatment will need to be redone every few years.
  • Teeth Whitening – This is a cost-effective and quick way to improve the color of your smile. While it’s ideal for a brighter grin, it cannot help with tooth shape or position.
  • Veneers – Although this service is the most costly one, it’s the only option capable of addressing multiple flaws at once. Plus, you can expect to enjoy your results for years to come with proper care and maintenance.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Be an Investment Worth Making

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We understand that cosmetic dentistry can feel like a significant financial commitment. However, many patients find it to be an investment that pays itself off in the long run. By having an attractive smile, you’re more likely to have a better sense of self-esteem and increased career success. An improved overall quality of life is priceless!

How to Make Cosmetic Dentistry Affordable

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Since cosmetic dentistry is purely for aesthetic reasons, it’s often not covered by dental insurance. That means you’ll need to find an alternative way to pay for your treatment. At RnR Dentistry, we offer a 10% discount for seniors to help make their care more affordable. If you’d like to learn more about this discount or your other available financing options, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Cosmetic Dentistry FAQs

Does Cosmetic Dentistry Hurt?

Patients often wonder if undergoing cosmetic dentistry will be painful or uncomfortable. The good news is that our team will do everything possible to ensure that you’re stress-free and comfortable throughout your appointment. We might even offer you sedation dentistry to help keep you relaxed while undergoing your chosen procedure. In fact, many cosmetic dental services are non-invasive, so you may not even need a local anesthetic to numb your mouth. Of course, for certain treatments, it’s normal to feel some sensitivity afterward, such as with veneers. Fortunately, this should be short-lived and can easily be alleviated with pain relievers.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Expensive?

While cosmetic dentistry used to be mainly reserved for those with money, this isn’t the case anymore with today’s treatments. One of the main reasons people think of these services as “pricey” is because they usually aren’t covered by dental insurance, meaning patients will usually have to pay out of pocket. That said, some treatments might be an exception, such as veneers that are primarily used for restoring mildly damaged teeth. In addition to renewing and strengthening the structure of a tooth, cosmetic dentistry can also improve your self-esteem and overall quality of life, making it a worthwhile investment in your smile.

What Exactly is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is an umbrella term for various dental treatments that are designed to enhance the appearance and aesthetics of your pearly whites. Not only can these services help improve your smile’s look as well as your confidence, but they can also make it easier for you to maintain good oral health in the long run. For instance, clear aligners can help straighten your teeth and make it simpler to practice oral hygiene. Our team offers a wide range of services to help improve your overall smile, so don’t hesitate to give us a call if you’re interested. We’ll be more than happy to walk you through your options so that you can achieve your dream look.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Covered by Insurance?

In most instances, cosmetic dentistry will not be covered by dental insurance since it isn’t considered “necessary” for oral health. Nevertheless, there might be some exceptions regarding treatments that have restorative purposes, like veneers or metal-free restorations. Other services like ClearCorrect might also be covered if your policy includes orthodontic coverage. That’s why you’ll want to review the details of your benefits with your provider just in case they can help minimize your out-of-pocket expenses. Fortunately, our team offers alternative financing options as well as an in-office dental plan to help you work within your budget while enhancing your pearly whites.