ClearCorrect® – Fair Oaks, CA

Discreetly Bring Your Teeth into the Perfect Alignment

These days, bracket-and-wire braces are far from your only option for fixing crooked teeth. Within the last two decades, aligner systems like ClearCorrect® have taken the world by storm. With ClearCorrect® from our Fair Oaks cosmetic dentist, adults and teenagers alike can achieve perfectly straight teeth without their orthodontic treatment being immediately obvious like it is for traditional braces. To learn more about this teeth-straightening solution that can fit into practically any lifestyle, call RnR Dentistry today to schedule a ClearCorrect consultation with Dr. Rivera!


Why Choose RnR Dentistry for ClearCorrect®?

  • Digital Scanner for Goop-Free Dental Impressions
  • Friendly Dentist & Team in a Relaxing Dental Office
  • Preview Your End Results with Virtual Smile Design


ClearCorrect® Clear Braces

ClearCorrect® uses a series of see-through plastic aligner trays that gradually and discreetly bring your teeth into the perfect alignment. Once these aligners are on your teeth, most of the people around you shouldn’t even be able to notice. The aligners are also removable, so you won’t have to deal with any restrictions in terms of what you eat and how you clean your teeth. Better yet, ClearCorrect® has a much faster average treatment time than metal braces.